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D.I.Y. Forecast for 2010 using Flying Stars.

This time of the year (the end of December), many people begin to worry about what the new-year will bring them? The market, especially in Hong Kong and SE Asia, is full of books on Feng Shui predictions for 2010.


Some smart entrepreneurs, like our Michael from the Feng Shui Shop where I downloaded the star chart for 2010 showed below (I am too lazy to draw one myself), even use Feng Shui predictions to sell their merchandise, so I thought may be there are some interest in an article on D.I.Y. Feng Shui forecast for 2010, using Xuan Kong Flying Stars.


You will need to have some knowledge of Feng Shui, like the theory of Yin and Yang, Bagua correlations, Wuxing Shengke, how to calculate your Ming Gua and how to fly the stars.


We can begin task by constructing a yearly star chart for 2010. In 2010, the 8 White Earth Guaqi star flies into the middle palace and it becomes the timely star for the year and has “Wangqi” or Prosperous Qi, indicating that the Earth Qi is vigorous and exuberant for the year.


Some people have this idea that the timely 8 is being imprisoned in the central palace and needs to be freed with a “cure”, in my opinion this is theoretically unsound, because in this case the timely 8 is like the emperor sitting in the middle, influencing the Gauqi of the 8 directions and doing the kingly duty for the year. (Refer to the yearly star chart showed ta the end of this article).


By looking at how the stars in each palace/direction is related to the timely 8 White Earth star with Wuxing Shengke or the Generating and Controlling Cycles of the Five Phases, we can get a picture of how the Guaqi of the year influence each other, and from these relationships we can extrapolate some clues as how the new year will pan out.


Lets start with 9 in the Qian palace (NW), the 9 Purple Shengqi Fire generate the 8 Wangqi Earth, the Shengqi is being weakened by the Wangqi, so although 9 has Shengqi, it cannot express its auspiciousness. Also 9 Fire is located between autumn and winter, a time of low strength, so the 9 in this direction does little good and can even be harmful because the weak Shengqi.


In the Dui palace (West), the 1 White Water Coming Shengqi is being controlled by the 8 White Earth Wangqi, so the weak Shengqi is being imprisoned and it happens in Autumn, so the Guaqi is either dead or useless. But 8 White Earth is an auspicious Guaqi like the 1 White Water, so when 2 inherently auspicious Guaqi meet each other, they created a certain auspicious synergy and it will not lead to a total decline in the end.


In the Kun palace (SW), we have the 5 Yellow Earth Shaqi and the 8 White Earth Wangqi, which are both of the same kind. In the time between Summer and Autumn, the 5 Yellow is quite active so it has quite a bit of Shaqi with it, and on top of it, the 8 White Earth Wangqi will increase its harmfulness, because they are of the same kind, so there is possibility for sickness, disasters and even death in this direction.


In the Li palace (South), the 3 Jade Wood Siqi (Dead Qi) is trying to control the 8 White Earth Wangqi, normally it is not possible but in Summer the 3 Jade Wood is very active and it gained strength to control, but not enough since 8 White Earth has Wangqi, this fighting situation allows the Guaqi of the 3 Jade Wood to multiply and becomes more harmful than it should be. The arrival of the Sansha in the North in 2010 does not help the situation either.


In the Xun palace (SE), the 8 White Earth Wangqi generates the 7 Red Metal Tuiqi (Declining Qi) and thus gain strength even though it is declining, so its harmful potential will be kept in check, and because it is in between the seasons of Spring and Summer (rising Yang), the situation is average and the worse potential will only be theft and robbery.


In the Zhen palace (East), the 8 White Earth Wangqi generates the 6 White Metal Distant Tuiqi and thus gain strength even though the 6 White Metal has some Sha, and in the rising Yang Spring time, the Sha is minimized. Because it is being helped by the 8 White Earth Wangqi, and its inherent character is also auspicious, the nourishing combination of the two inherently auspicious stars means there is potential for officialdom and wealth, although it will not be adequately forthcoming.


In the Gen palace (NE), the 2 Black Earth Shaqi interact with the 8 White Earth Wangqi and because they are of the same kind, the Wangqi will give it strength and allow its harmfulness to surface even though in between Winter and Spring the seasonal qi is not that strong. On top of this, the Taisui (the Grand Duke) for the year arrives at the NE direction, so the Shaqi of the 2 Black sickness star will multiply and give rise to potential ill health especially ones related to the stomach part of the body.


In the Kan palace (North), the 4 Green Wood Siqi is trying to control the 8 White Earth Wangqi and it is not possible to do so especially in Winter, so the 4 Green Wood Siqi is like a stick of fragile wood trying to break a piece solid rock of the 8 White Earth Wangqi, it will not be able to do it but in the process of trying, the 4 Green Wood receives some benefits from the attempt, because the conflict awakens the dead star trying to do the control and “what I control is my wealth” in the timely 8 Wangqi. So there is some goodness in this direction.


To keep the article short, I have not look into the influence of the Luoshu layer on the yearly Flying Stars, if you want to make the analysis more thorough you can also look at the Wuxing Shengke relationship between the Guaqi of the yearly star and the Luoshu stars, bearing in mind the strength of the Luoshu star is weak (it is general and non-specific) but lasting.


For example in the Kan palace, it is a case of 4 Green Wood entering into a 1 White Water palace, so 4 will benefit from the Luoshu star, thus further improving the quality of the yearly star. You can do the same with the other palaces to look at the influence of the Earth Plate on the flying stars.


Now with these patterns of Guaqi analysis in mind we can do some forecasts for 2010 and there are many ways we can do this with the Flying Stars:


1)   We can treat the palaces as directions and locations for the different rooms in a house, for example, if your home office is located in the North, we can make a forecast that 2010 will be a reasonable year for you in terms of home finance, although there will be some struggles, you will benefit from them by trying your hardest in balancing your finance.  You might start the year in a weak position but it will get better as the year went on, especially when it gets the end of the year when the wintertime comes along.


Another example is look at is where your bedroom is located and you can use the same analysis we have done earlier to make a forecast. For example, if your bedroom I located in the NE, where the 2 Black sickness star and the Taisui for the year are located, then there will be warning signs that 2010 is not going to be a good year for you health-wise. There is no need to move out though, you can use the Wuxing Jiehua to overcome the negative potentials of the Guaqi stars, and in this case the use of a Metal Jiehua will weaken the harmful influence of the 2 Black Earth.


This can become an inspiration for you to think about how to re-decorate your bedroom by introduce some Metal elements in the place, you can think about using white linens for the pillows and bedspreads, and move the TV out of the bedroom for the time being because the noise could disturb the Taisui for the year.  


You can also do the same with the children’s rooms and see they will fare in 2010.


2)   We can treat the palace numbers as your Ming Gua numbers and see how the year will affect you personally. You will need to know how to calculate your Number of Fate or look up a table to do the forecast. 


For example if your Ming Gua number is 6, then 2010 will be a reasonable good year for you financial-wise, you won’t have a great windfall of money but you won’t struggle either, according to the star chart analysis we have done above. But if your Ming Gua number is 7, then 2010 will be an average year for you and you will need to be mindful of some theft or robbery taking place sometime in the year and most likely it will be between Spring and Summer according to our chart analysis. 


Let us do one more for Ming Gua number 3, what will you forecast? For your information, 3 is correlated to the Zhen Gua and the Zhen Gua is correlated to the internal organ of liver, while 8 is correlated to the Gen Gua and the Gen Gua is correlated to the hand part of the body. You can use the Bagua correlations table to body parts and internal organs to do some detail forecast of health issues if you like.


3)   You can treat the palace as directions most favourable to travel to in 2010.  Since 8 generates out to 6 and 7, so these are the 2 directions you should consider first and it seems 6 in the Zhen direction (East) is the more desirable of the two, so in 2010, you might like to visit China or Japan by travelling towards the East, you could even be rewarded in some way. 


If you want a safer trip, you might like to consider travelling to the West, because 1 is located in the Dui direction and according to our chart analysis, the 8 White Earth Wangqi controls the 1 White Water Shaqi in 2010, so it could be a safer direction to travel, being controlled by the timely star for the year.


The same idea can be used to make a forecast in which direction you could do business to get the best out of 2010. Say your home base is France, and you want to know if it is better to do business with a country to the North (Belgium) or to the South (Spain), then in 2010, it is better to choose the North than the South according to our star chart analysis. The SW where the 5 Yellow is located is a direction to avoid for the obvious reasons.


4)   If you want to find out what 2010 will be like compare to the previous year, then you can look at the Declining 7 as the Guaqi for previous year and the Shengqi 9 as the coming Guaqi and make a forecast.


To do this well you will have to know the present political-socio-economical situation and then make an intelligent guess of what 2010 will be by looking at the relationship between the timely 8 in the central palace with the Declining 7 in the Xun Palace and with the Shengqi 9 in the Qian palace.


The general trend indicated by our chart analysis is the theft of the money (i.e. the present financial crisis) will be over, but the recovery will be weak because more drowning of the Shengqi 9 will take place by the Wangqi 8 in 2010, but the outlook is optimistic, since 8 and 1 (1 is the the Coming Shengqi) as a pair have a better synergy.


5)   We can also look at the forecast for each one and a half month of the year, by starting with the Zhen palace for Spring (we use the solar calendar so the year of the Tiger starts on 4th February 2010 for Li Chun, the beginning of Spring), the Li palace for Summer, the Dui palace for Autumn and the Kan palace for Winter and the four diagonal Gua for the time between the seasons. By looking at the Wuxing Shengke between the two stars with timeliness in mind, we can make a forecast of how the smaller interval of time will pan out.


6)   For those who want to improve their chances for romance in 2010, they should move their bed to the North, where the 4 Green Wood star is located, this star is called the Wenqu or the “Literary Song” star and it will influence romance when timely or when in an auspicious relationship to the Wangqi 8.


If you cannot move your bed there, then at least put a vase of fresh flower in this direction to charge up the Plum Blossom Qi for romance. You need to bear in mind, the power does not come from the vase of flowers, it came from your association with the symbol for romance to you remain you that this is your priority for 2010.


As we can see, there are many ways we can interpret this yearly Flying Star chart to give us the required forecasts, on top of this we have to be mindful of the Shensha like the Taisui in the NE and the Sansha in the North for 2010.


The yearly Flying Star chart is not the only way to do forecasts for 2010; we can also use the yearly Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch to do the same. 2010 is a Geng Yin year, that is a year with a Yang Metal Heavenly Stem over a Yang Wood Earthly Branch, and using these two Elements we can make a general forecast of what would happen in 2010.


Again it is quite simple and straight forward to do the Wuxing Shengke analysis, but it the way we interpret the analysis that will make a difference, and to do this well, we must understand the present situation first, before we can extrapolate from the known to the unknown into the future with a higher degree of certainty.


Forecasting the future is in fact, another way for us to gain a better understand of the present and our concerns and priorities, so we can make the appropriate decisions for the future, but don't fool yourself that you can tell the future, no one can really do that.