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You can download a transcript of the radio interview for Monica Amato Marquez’s radio program ‘Dragon de Aqua’ - Feng Shui y Astrologia China. Argentina 12/09/2014 in docx file format by clicking on the image below:



Feng Shui for 3 Boutique Retail Shops in Potsdam

PowerPoint presentation to clients saved in pdf file format, produce by participants of the 4-days Master-Course workshop on Feng Shui and Boutique Retail Shops held at Berlin, 11-14 March 2011. 


The “San Cai” Approach to Feng Shui Analysis and Design.

Paper presented at the International Conference on Scientific feng Shui and the Built Environment held in City University of Hong Kong in 2009.


The Practical Application of Chinese Garden Feng Shui in the West.

You can down load my PowerPoiint presentation in reduced pdf file format here for my talk given in Sydney, during the World Feng Shui Day in 06 February 2011.


The Feng Shui Arrangement of Cuandixia Village

You can download a pdf copy of the travel notes (1/21) given out to participants of the Feng Shui Study Tour of China "A Journey Through China of Old", October 06-20, 2012


Feng Shui: A Continuation of "Art of Swindlers"?

By Michael John Paton.

An article for all times to remain us how feng shui keeps getting corrupted over time and we have a respopnsibility to "get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers" 去蕪存菁.